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June 13 2014, 4pm ...2 months ago

GLB Vol. 47

This issue was actually a pretty nice one. I haven’t attempted the OP yet, but I want to! I did make the Laceup vestonce, for a friend. I think she liked it. ^.^0 I think the best patterns in this edition are the vests and the OP, without question. The apron is another nice addition, not your typical Alice style, but more of a realistic Victorian length (If you’re a Lolita into longer skirts, of…

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May 25 2014, 8pm ...3 months ago

Hey screwball ninja, I was wondering if you still think Rumbelle has a chance despite his killing Zelena and lying to Belle.


I was going to save this for my massive Season Finale review, but I love you guys so I’m giving you a sneak peak.

Of course Rumbelle has a chance— but they’re probably going to have one HELL of a break-up next season. Though I loved Imp!Rumple in the season finale, I wanted Regina to open up a portal to the Looney Tunes dimension and drop a boulder on Mr. Gold’s head for what he’s trying to pull with Belle.


What Mr. Gold deserves with this ‘fake dagger’ malarkey

I mean, Gold’s been shady with his promises and attempted murder against Belle’s wishes before (Regina), he’s withheld key information before (e.g., “what happened to your son?” and “what happened to your wife?”), and he’s committed cold-blooded murder without telling Belle before (RIP Tamara)— but this is the first time he’s manipulated Belle.


I’m about due for another kidnapping, sweetheart— can’t we put a MasterLock on this incredibly dangerous magical object?


No no, my little alibi— we have nothing to fear from Trusty McStabby, the 100% genuine representation of our mutual trust. For wedding colors I was thinking Red for the blood of my enemies, and Black for my cold, cold heart.


Trusty McStabby approves of this plot device

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I just have to add my two cents, because not only did I agree with a lot of what you said, but I also laughed my ass off. 

I believe in this ship. He initially began as one of the main antagonists. He’s a major character of the show that’s probably chaotic evil (according to Pathfinder alignments, anyway, I figure). He’s sliding toward neutral. Just like Regina. His love interest being based on Beauty and the Beast (which, as everyone probably noticed, is a story arc that has not concluded but seems headed there), Emilie de Ravin and Robert Carlyle being awesome as they are, and the fact that this show is hot right now … they’re gonna milk this one along for as long as they can. It’ll be interesting to see how they develop. Since the first Rumbelle episode, they’ve been separated, then reunited, then separated (the memory thing), then reunited, the separated again (Neverland) then reunited, then separated AGAIN (his dead), then reunited, holy shit, no kidding, then separated. Again. (F***ing Zelena). Finally reunited once more and a little more permanently this time…

So yeah. Breakup or separation seems imminent until he gets his shit together, and the big finale is probably her breaking his curse, as was alluded to in Skin Deep. My guess, anyway. 

Maybe a baby scare? 

Maybe we get to see some more screen time and adventure RumBelle action in the Enchanted Forest? Okay that’s me hoping, but wouldn’t that be neat? I’d like to see more of those outfits on her like Quiet Minds. The Mrs. Rumple getup was amusing.

I’m in this for the long haul.

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